More or Less? - the impact of assortment size and variety on consumer satisfaction

We, Casper Mooyman and Jeroen Visser, are alumni of the Master Marketing programme at Erasmus University Rotterdam. To conclude our education we wrote a thesis titled More or Less?. This thesis investigates the influence of the number of choices and the difference between those choices on consumer satisfaction. We measure both experienced satisfaction, as well as anticipated satisfaction. And to give our research even more depth, we also look into the influence of two personality types; maximisers and satsificers.

It was American psychologist Barry Schwartz who inspired us when he presented his view on the belief that freedom of choice leads to personal happiness. He passionately explained this belief may be wrong, or at least doubtful. After watching the presentation and reading literature on the subject, this idea founded the basis for our thesis.

Our thesis is available for download from this site. We hope you enjoy reading it and that our findings may inspire you. If you have any questions, please send us an email.

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